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*  Prices displayed above is the Annual Software License Subscription ONLY.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much does it cost?

    The first cost is the Annual Software License Subscription Fee which is based on the number of users that the Coop would like to subscribe.

    The second cost is the One-Time Payment Cost which is also based on the number of users that the Coop would like to have installed in the Citrus SL System, as follows:

         1.  Citrus Savings and Loan Software Installations 

         2.  Server Computer Setup 

         3.  Data Migration Services

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  • Can we apply for the BIR Certification with this Citrus System installed?

    YES.  You can apply for the BIR Computerized Accounting System (CAS) Certification.

    We will provide the Technical Answers to the application's questionnaire as your supporting document for your application.

  • Can we request for an On-site Product Demo?

    YES.  You can request for an appointment from us for an ON-SITE PRODUCT DEMO

    However, you can also send one of your staff like your ACCOUNTANT to visit our TECHWORKS OFFICE for a product demo.

    You can also try to watch our DEMO VIDEO to have a closer look at the Citrus SL System.